Physician Traumatic Stress Burnout Inventory

1. I feel emotionally and physically drained after a day of caring for my patients.

2. I feel like I’m “running on empty”.

3. Most nights I have difficulty sleeping.

4. I often feel dissatisfied with my work and wish I had chosen a different


5. I feel unsupported by my administers, staff or employer.

6. I often feel hopeless about my future.

7. I feel trapped by my financial debt.

8. I prefer time away from my practice.

9. My professional life is out of balance with my personal life.

10. My spiritual values don’t align with the work I am able to do as a physician.

11. I do not feel a sense of personal autonomy in my work.

12. I am unable to talk with my family and friends about my work.

13. My friends and family do not understand the pressures and responsibilities I feel.

14. I sometimes have thoughts of ending my life.

15. I often feel sad, irritable and depressed and prefer to be left alone.

16. I find myself drinking more than I should as a way of coping with stress.

17. I worry about being sued by my patients.

18. I worry about having to defend myself against complaints to the medical board.

19. I feel guilty about medical errors I have made.

20. I have difficulty concentrating when I’m with patients due to other worries and



If you find yourself answering yes to many of the questions above, you may be experiencing traumatic

stress burnout. Please view the Trauma Toolkit for Healthcare Professionals’ Recovering from

Physician Trauma Burnout module for tools and support.


© Dr. James F. Zender, 2021