Have you survived a car crash or are you supporting a loved one through car crash recovery? If so, you’ve come to the right place—a place where you can bring your pain, any worries, feelings of sadness or even depression. This is a place where you can find resources, tips, guidance and support so that you can recover. You don’t have to go it alone. There is expertise and a community here to support you.

If you have had a brain injury or are experiencing post-traumatic stress, you may feel  overwhelmed, helpless, confused or even stigmatized. Friends and family likely do not understand your difficulties which can make you feel lonely and isolated.

Psychotherapy can help you to heal. 

It is essential to connect with professionals who understand your conditions and needs, and who can provide the appropriate treatment to speed your recovery. Patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries can greatly benefit from my individual and group psychotherapy.

Dr. Zender’s Clinical Psychology private practice allows for maximum individual attention and confidentiality.

Since 1988, he has specialized in treating trauma conditions resulting from car crashes, workplace injuries, violence, war and residuals of childhood abuse. Related conditions brought on by these events include depression, anxiety, panic, physical pain, relationship difficulties, addictions and cognitive disorders.

Treatment Approach

In over 30 years of treating survivors of automobile accidents and other trauma, I have witnessed the incredible healing capacity of my patients. I understand the unique needs and challenges they face from having the privilege of providing care to many thousands of them.

In that time, I have developed a practice that tailors treatment to the individual so as to optimize the auto accident recovery process, incorporating the most proven therapeutic approaches and clinical philosophies including relational, trauma-focused psychotherapy.

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Dr. Zender is a highly regarded psychotherapist who has successfully treated those who are most difficult to treat…individuals with combinations of compromised brain function, severe emotional disorder, and addiction. His skill and insight have brought relief to countless individuals who were feeling lost, hopeless and helpless.

-Richard L. Weiss, PhD Forest Park Clinic, PLLC

I have been a patient of Dr. James Zender for many years. My only regret is that I did not find him years before. Of course I did not know to look for him or anyone in his field. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) approximately 20 years ago which left me permanently disabled. I was 29 years of age on my way to work when I crossed paths with a 16 year old drunk driver who was killed. I was reassured over and over that I was not at fault, legally speaking, I was not at fault morally, hmm…who absolves me of that burden? I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Dr. Zender is the only person/professional who seems to be truly vested and whole heartedly interested in helping persons, such as myself. You see, there is no path or formal training to teach/tell somehow on earth to navigate these waters! As far as I can see and as far as I know Dr. James Zender is the only person/professional remotely interested in providing the public, and persons like myself with information vital to survival in dealing with many medical issues and unfortunately legal, insurance, social security, family, friends, home, etc. This subject is an epidemic and has been since the invention of the motor vehicle. Statistics command the knowledge for all people to be able to navigate or at the very least steer through these so far murky waters. The benefit of this book would greatly help to bridge the gap between: survivor and medical professionals, survivor and legal persons, survivor and government, along with a mix of all of the above. Thank you for your attention.

-Janice L., Patient

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. James Zender for several decades. I have heard nothing but positive words from the patients I have sent to him over the years and more importantly…I have seen results. He understands that each individual has their own unique psychological needs and he knows intuitively which direction is most suitable for them. I am blessed to know him.

-Richard E. Klein, DDS Michigan Head & Neck Institute

When I had the car accident, my life was changed. Things I could do before, I can’t do now. I struggle with fears, stress, pain, anxiety and panic. It was very difficult coping with my everyday life. I had never seen a psychologist before, and when I meet Dr. Zender it was a life changing experience. I would not be here today to write this testimonial if it were not for Dr. Zender. He is a compassionate doctor who changed my way of thinking. My one-on-one sessions are very professional and unique. I was very fortunate when he entered my life when he did. His group therapy is extremely helpful and the supportive environment is a wonderful experience. I found it helpful sharing many similar symptoms and learning about how others cope. The group empowered me to speak my mind and gain more confidence. Dr. Zender’s therapy has been crucial to my recovery and well-being and I’m blessed to have him as my doctor.

-Benjamin C., Patient

Dr. Zender has a special gift. I am a musculoskeletal physician, I have co-managed injured clients with him and I’ve seen firsthand profound transformations due to his careful work. I was so impressed that I consulted with him myself following a serious accident. I give him my greatest sincere regards and my highest endorsement.

-Daniel Farkas, D.C., C.F.M.P. President, Troy Community Coalition

I remember during early session with Dr. Zender, his expertise had me wishing he had written a book and gave talks to the public, auto insurance companies and its related agencies, automakers and its related agencies and Federal and state regulatory agencies including those that design highways, freeways and roadways. I believe that anyone who gave Dr. Zender an audience would benefit either in their own healing or make necessary changes and advancement in diagnosing injury, improving quality of patient care, reducing loss of life, liberty and productivity and, ensuring that vehicles and roadways are safe and of high standards.

-Judy C., Patient

It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Zender who has shared his knowledge, expertise, and passion in counseling and assisting people who have suffered from a catastrophic event. I strongly recommend him and his support team to anyone seeking guidance and needing assistance to move forward in life.

-Polly Swingle PT, GCS, CEEAA President & CEO The Recovery Project, LLC

It has been an absolute privilege to know Dr. Zender. Whether in one-on-one therapy or group meetings, I can attest that he helped me immensely. He is someone I could consistently rely on and trust, knowing that he would always be there for me during a period that was the worst time of my life. He helped me understand the different person I had become because of the terrible accident I had been in and the severe injuries I had suffered. He convinced me it was normal to have confused, unpleasant, and angry feelings that I had difficulty comprehending. He is kind, compassionate, and incredibly intelligent, with high professional and ethical standards. He has an exceptional gift of making you feel more like a friend than a patient. He definitely helped me tremendously. I would recommend him as the best psychologist anyone could have. So thank you, Doctor.

-Sandra B., Patient

Dr. Zender and I have been professional colleagues and friends now for 30+ years. Dr. Zender has built his specialty in the comprehensive assessment and care of individuals with automobile injuries. To talk with Dr. Zender is to feel immediately his natural warmth, directness, patience and caring. To talk further is to see his precision, thoroughness and commitment to his patient’s clinical needs. Therefore, to have Dr. Zender pour his expertise on auto injury care into a book will be a wonderful opportunity for all, from mental health and other healthcare professionals, through patients and insurance companies. He has navigated the complexity of these cases, where consideration of the often substantial cognitive and emotional impact of these injuries, the pervasive influence across the individual’s life, the ripple effect into his or her family, the need to account for and separate pre-existing conditions, and the requirements to interact with both other professionals that also provide treatment and the insurance companies that support therapy must all be addressed. I am confident that Dr. Zender’s treatise will be a necessary and eminently valuable contribution to these complex healthcare processes.

-Martin Wunsch, PhD

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