Prior to private practice, Dr. Zender worked as a clinical psychologist at Providence Hospital and Ypsilanti Regional Psychiatric Hospital. He was the founding director of the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Psychological Trauma at Detroit Receiving Hospital and University Health Center—one of the premier trauma hospitals worldwide— where he also served as Instructor in Psychiatry.

Dr. Zender is determined to improve the relationships among insurance companies, providers and the injured insured to create optimal outcomes for all parties. Knowing that proactive, appropriate insurance coverage for accident survivors actually benefits the bottom line and market growth of companies, he is determined to help them navigate the world of trauma treatment more effectively. This will also help trauma survivors—and especially auto accident survivors—get the resources they need to recover from their trauma and lead fulfilling lives. In addition, he works in the area of accident prevention through helping drivers change their high risk driving behaviors.

Dr. Zender has been brought in to evaluate, consult and train following some of the world’s major traumatic events. While much of his community and disaster work is confidential, the list includes:

  • Terrorist acts, such as bombings
  • Industrial plant and community explosions
  • Law enforcement critical events
  • Airline crashes
  • Civil war and mass refugee scenarios
  • Political asylum processes from more than a dozen countries in South America, Africa, Asia and Central America


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