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Welcome to Dr. Zender’s Psychology Today blog, The New Normal.

Traumatic accidents can seriously impact every area of your life. However, with the proper information and support you—or someone you care about—can reclaim the life you were meant to live. In Dr. Zender’s blog, you will find tools, tips and ideas to facilitate your recovery process —tools that will help you to cope with your physical and psychological injuries and conditions. You will learn to do more than just survive, you will learn to thrive!

A note to auto insurance companies: You will find valuable information here that will help you better serve your insured customers. In fact, when patients get the proper supports, needed care and treatment up front, they need far fewer resources in the long run than if support is withheld. That translates into a big win-win for your company and a boost to your bottom line!

How Do Personal Injury Attorneys View Trauma?

January 31, 2021|

Specializing in auto accident trauma mental health care, and having recently published a book on the topic, I was interested to learn how a successful personal injury attorney views topics of trauma, traumatic brain injuries, and the personal injury legal process. Read More At Psychology Today Trauma and Its Impact On the Law- Gloves Off Podcast Ep. 16 An [...]

5 Ways To Sleep Better Tonight

December 29, 2020|

Most Americans are sadly severely sleep deprived. The average American has little vacation time and many of us drift off into sleep with our cell phone in hand, often after a long day of staring at computer screens. Throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic, sleep disturbance is a frequent complaint of my patients, with anxiety and worry as extremely disruptive factors. [...]

Overcoming the Stigma of Receiving Mental Health Care

December 2, 2020|

The recent season of the smash hit "The Crown" on Netflix shows various members of the Royal Family struggling with mental health issues and depicts the years leading up to the tragic death of Diana, The Princess of Wales, in a car crash in Paris. Prince Harry was only 12 years old when he lost his mother. As I touch [...]

Caregiver Stress During a Pandemic

November 23, 2020|

For the past year, the world has been steeped in uncertainty, stress, and loss as we all struggle to maintain balance and good health. For many of us, dealing with a sense of isolation and separation from others are new stressors. For professional caregivers and those in helping professions, providing care to others during the pandemic has resulted in exceedingly [...]

A Tale of Two Pandemics

November 11, 2020|

We know that just over 100 years ago, the 1918 pandemic took over 50 million lives around the world. Last year, car crashes resulted in over 50 million causalities and an estimated 1.25 million deaths worldwide. Being injured in a car accident is one of the leading causes of disability, and in some age groups, the leading cause of death. [...]

Pandemic Psychology

October 19, 2020|

A number of years ago, I read two fascinating books written by a Russian psychiatrist, Dr. Olga Kharitidi, who was born in Siberia and worked in a Soviet-era State mental hospital. She was moved to study ancient indigenous shamanic traditions. Kharitidi wrote about the “spirit of trauma,” and how it can overtake one’s self, and detailed things she learned from [...]

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