The Broglie Box

Dr. Zender is excited to be partnering with @thebrogliebox, a company that creates thoughtfully curated, specialized boxes for health and wellness. They have created a box for those who are recovering from a car crash. Each item was personally chosen by Dr. Zender and includes a copy of his book Recovering From Your Car Accident: The Complete Guide to Reclaiming Your Life.  If you know someone who was recently involved in a car crash, this is a great gift to help support their recovery [...]

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The Psychological Effect of Trauma on Physicians (Podcast)

Auto accidents are the 9th most common cause of death worldwide, and are poised to move into the top 5 by 2030. Dr. James Zender, a PhD clinical and forensic psychologist with over 30 years trauma experience, the last 15 of which he specialized in auto accident trauma treatment and care, joined our podcast to discuss the epidemic of auto accidents and the psychological effect of trauma on healthcare professionals. This is an especially relevant topic for residents who are just beginning their medical careers, since the trauma they [...]

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Dr. Zender in The Detroit News: No-fault coverage that matters

"What kind of medical coverage do you have on your car insurance policy? Chances are you don’t know. Most drivers do not give it much thought until injured in an accident. As the political debate about no-fault insurance continues, your auto insurance company would love to shift the cost of providing necessary medical care to your regular health insurance company, but this is not in your best interest." Read the rest of the article published in the The Detroit News.

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