Most mental health professionals receive no training in the role inflammation and hormonal imbalance plays in disturbed emotion, behavior, and cognition.  This is partly due to the continued split between mind and body that was crystallized in the 17th century by the French philosopher René Descartes.

Descartes, Deep Philosophy, and the Ancient Mystery Schools

Descartes talked about some really good things that have served us well.  In his book Rules for the Direction of the Mind, he proclaimed the power of logic and clarity of thought.  In his book Discourse on the Method, published in 1637, he outlined the importance of introspection to arrive at Truth.  He also acknowledged the unreliability of our senses to accurately define reality.  He asked how he could know that he even existed; perhaps he was only a dream.  He reasoned that he knew he existed because he was thinking, given birth to the famous maxim “I think therefore I am” or cogito ergo sum.

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