A reader of one of my recent blog posts posted a comment that is the stimulus for this writing.  He commented that there is an unrecognized problem: being misdiagnosed by mental health professionals.  The gentleman, a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, directed me to videos by a retired PhD Army nurse, Colonel Diane Corcoran.

Corcoran talks about near death experiences (NDEs) and the transformative lessons learned from them.  She studies NDEs and offers legitimate criticism that mental health professionals are mostly ignorant of this body of work.

Auto Accidents and Near-Death Experiences

In working with victims of serious auto accidents, some nearly escape death.  For many this creates great anxiety with the heightened realization that death can happen at any time.  Many report having out-of-body (OEB) experiences where they see themselves going through the accident.  Some have NDEs that change the way they view life.  For most who have NDEs, the fear of death is gone and there is an intensified appreciation of life and the importance of love.  With support, trauma often leads to positive transformation, and experiences that without tragedy would not have been possible.

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