Human history has been written in blood and suffering. It is only by small victories of the heart and spirit that we have endured, and through which we can but hope to prevail. If we as a species are to survive and evolve, it is necessary to find new ink, one composed of love, compassion, and understanding, and held in a crucible of forgiveness.

The above paragraph was inspired by a quote I read from Bessel van der Kolk, one of the true giants in the field of psychological trauma. I have had the benefit over the years of attending many of his workshops, trainings and lectures. At one point, I became concerned I was starting to sound like him, I so admired the work he was doing.

In 2010, the Congress of the United States named June 27th PTSD awareness day. Later, in 2014, the United States Senate designated all of June as National PTSD Awareness month. The appearance of the diagnosis of PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) marked a turning point in the history of psychiatry by acknowledging an external traumatic stressor as the cause of a psychological condition. Over my career as a psychologist I have been witness to the historic unfolding of PTSD’s life.

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