I just returned from the fall conference of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan which was truly an amazing conference. I made many wonderful connections and learned a lot of new things about brain injuries and our health care delivery system from some of Michigan’s top neurologists, psychologists and case managers, and most of all, from the people who have sustained brain injuries. I gave a lecture on individual and group psychotherapy for auto accident survivors with posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries which about 155 people attended. Sleep deprived and somewhat dehydrated, I was disappointed with my performance, but hope the content will be of help to other providers working with patients who suffer co-morbid PTSD and TBI along with a host of other common co-morbid conditions resulting from auto accidents. With respect to the issue of co-morbidity, as I have written about previously, I believe a designation of vehicular trauma syndrome would help to focus the discussion.

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