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Healing Trauma with Psychodrama - James Zender
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Healing Trauma with Psychodrama

April 11, 2018

In ancient Greek and earlier Egyptian Mythology there lives a beautiful sacred bird capable of rebirth and who in that sense is indomitable.  The one of a kind Arabian Phoenix or Firebird would live for a thousand years, and as it approached the end of life would fly to the coast of Phoenicia and build a nest of beautiful twigs and aromatic spices such as myrrh.  It would then face East and sing a song so beautiful that even Apollo, the sun god, had to pause in stunned admiration to listen, before again spurring into motion the four horses pulling his golden chariot.  A spark from one of the horse’s hooves would then set the Firebird’s nest ablaze. After three days, so goes the myth, the Phoenix would rise from the ashes and live again for the next one thousand years.

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