Dr. Gordon is the medical director of Millennium Neuroregenerative Centers and the author of two books, Traumatic Brain InjuryA Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment (2016), and The Clinical Application of Interventional Endocrinology (2007).

I was so impressed with the results of Dr. Gordon’s treatment of Andrew Marr for his war-related brain injury, documented in Marr’s book Tales from the Blast Factory, that I wanted to learn more about an effective treatment approach I knew nothing about.  Gordon had achieved what the most skilled psychotherapy could not.

In doctoral training to become a psychologist, little to nothing is taught about the impact of hormonal dysfunction on behavior, cognition, and health.  And in the mental health field in the United States, hormonal dysregulation is largely ignored—if not shunned—by the mainstream medical profession.  For that matter, so has been screening and effective treatments for brain injuries, until more recently. Progress has been slow to recognize what has been referred to as “The Silent Epidemic.”

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